Lebanon is where the Arab world meets the Mediterranean and its food has all the virtues of what is now described as The Mediterranean Diet.

Our food is naturally healthy. It uses the highest quality produce of sun, soil and sea: grains and pulses; vegetables which are grown for flavour rather than size; olive oil; cheese and yoghurt; herbs and spices. We eat fish and meat (mainly poultry and lamb) but they form a smaller part of our diet than has been common in the west.


Mezze (pronounced “mazza” or “mezuh”) are small dishes which can be eaten before a main course, but a selection of mezze can also be a complete meal.

Mezze are sometimes compared with tapas, but they are rather larger and, in our experience, offer better value. A selection of mezze is a perfect shared meal.

Being vegetarian

We have many vegetarian and vegan customers; Lebanese cuisine offers them extensive choice. The menu in our downloadable brochure (see our Brochures & Menus section) marks the vegetarian and vegan options.

Other diets

Our menu offers a lot of choice to those who wish to avoid dairy products, gluten and nuts. Please contact us for assistance.

The wines of Lebanon

Wine has been made in Lebanon for thousands of years and the wines of the Bekaa Valley are respected throughout the world. The soil and climate combine with the passion and dedication of the winemakers to produce wines of quality and distinction.

Our wine list includes wines from Chateau Musar, Chateau Ksara and Chateau Kefraya.

Lebanese Arak

Arak is the national drink of Lebanon and several neighbouring countries. It is distilled from grape and flavoured with aniseed. It is normally served with water and ice. Our Arak comes from the Touma family, which has made arak since 1888.