Cold Meze

1- Hommos (Ve)
3.5 GBP
Puréed chickpeas, sesame oil, lemon juice and

2- Hommos Beiruti (Ve)
Spicy hommos, a traditional recipe with cumin and

4- Moutabel (Ve)
4.4 GBP
Puréed baked aubergines, sesame oil, lemon juice,garlic

5- Tabbouteh (Ve)
3.9 GBP
Parsley, tomatoes, onions, mint, crushed wheat, garlic lemon juice, olive oil

6- Warak'inab (Ve)
4.2 GBP
Vine leaves stuffed with rice, herbs and spices

7- Kabis (Ve)
3.5 GBP
A selection of Lebanese pickles

7- Olives (Ve)
3.5 GBP
A selection of Lebanese olives

7- Kabis and Olives (Ve)
3.5 GBP
A selection of Lebanese pickles and olives

8- Moussaa'at Badhinjan (Ve)
4.2 GBP
Fried aubergines, chickpeas, tomatoes, spices

9- Loubieh Bzeit (Ve)
4.2 GBP
French beans cooked in olive oil, tomatoes, onion, garlic

10- Mohammara Bil - Jawz (Ve)
4.8 GBP
Mixed crushed nuts, red capsicum, olive oil and spices

11- Labneh (V)
3.75 GBP
Lebanese cream cheese and strained yoghurt spices

12- Laban Bi-Khyar (V)
3.75 GBP
Yoghurt with cucumber

15- Salatah Lubnaniya (Lebanese Salad) (Ve)
3.5 GBP
Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, parsley, onions, lemon juice, olive oil

16- Salatah Arabiya Harra (Ve)
3.5 GBP
Lebanese salad with hot green chillis

17- Fattoush (Ve)
Mixed salad with herbs and toasted Lebanese bread

18- Foul Moukala (Ve)
3.9 GBP
Fried broad beans, cooked in olive oil and lemon Juice

20- Kibbeh Nayeh
Ground prime cut of raw lamb, crushed wheat and spices

21- Kafta Nayeh
Ground prime cut of raw lamb, onions, parsley and spices

3- Al Rahib
3.5 GBP
Chargrilled aubergine with spring onion,tomato,peppers and our special dressing

13- Jibnat Halloum Salad
4.2 GBP
White Mediterranean cheese,cucumber,herbs,olive oil

Hot Meze

23- Batata Harra (V)
3.9 GBP
Potatoes fried in olive oil, coriander, chilli, garlic

27- Sanbousek Bil-Lahme
3.9 GBP
Pastry filled with diced Iamb, onion, pine nuts

29- Kellage Halloum (V)
4.9 GBP
Grilled halloum cheese in bread

28- Falafel (Ve)
Ground chickpeas and broadbeans mixed with spices, fried

31- Zahra Maqlia (Ve)
4.2 GBP
Fried cauliflower topped with sesame oil, parsley, garlic, lemon juice

34- Jawaneh Dajaj Mashwiya
Grilled chicken wings with garlic sauce

39- Samak Bsizri Maqli
4.8 GBP
Fried whitebait

30- Kellage Mashwi
4.9 GBP
Grilled Halloum cheese,topped with sesame seeds

32- Hommos Ma’a Lahma
4.5 GBP
Pureed chickpeas,diced lamb,pine nuts

36- Sujuq
4.5 GBP
Armenian sausages mildy hot and spicy

37- Arayes
4.5 GBP
Ground meat,parsley,sesame oil,pine kernels,grilled in Lebanese bread


40- Lentil Soup (Ve)
3.9 GBP
Lentils, rice, onions and garlic, served with pitta bread croutons

41- Tomato Soup (Ve)
3.9 GBP
Tomatoes, onion, garlic

43- Chicken Soup
3.9 GBP
Chicken, onions, cream and a little wheat flour


45- Mujadara (V)
8.5 GBP
Cracked wheat, lentils and fried onions, served with yoghurt

46- Bam Yeh Bilzeit (Ve)
9.5 GBP
Okra fried in olive oil, garlic and tomatoes, served with rice

47- Sebanikh Bilzeit (Ve)
7.5 GBP
Spinach cooked in olive oil with fried onions and lemon juice

48- Ardi-Shoki (Ve)
9.5 GBP
Artichokes with selected vegetables cooked in our special sauce

49- Mossaa’at Badhinjan
8.5 GBP
Fried Aubergines chick peas,tomatos’s peppers and spices served with bulgur wheat


Shish Taouq Wrap

Falafel and Hommous

Halloumi and Chips Wrap


52- Suyandiyah
9.5 GBP
Spiced rice topped with fish, served with salad

Charcoal Grill

53- Mixed Grill
11.5 GBP
Kafta, chicken and lamb cubes, garnished with onions, mushrooms and tomatoes

54- Kafta Kebab
11 GBP
Ground meat with onions, herbs and spices

55- Kafta Kash Kash
11.5 GBP
Ground meat with onions, herbs and spices in tomato sauce

56- Laham Mashwi Ma'a Al-Fitr
12.8 GBP
Tender Iamb cubes grilled with onions, tomatoes, mushrooms

57- Kastaletta
15 GBP
Lamb cutlets served with grilled tomatoes and peppers

58- Farrouj Mashwi with Hot Sauce
11.8 GBP
Baby chicken, grilled and served with hot sauce

58- Farrouj Mashwi with Garlic
11.5 GBP
Baby chicken, grilled and served with garlic

59- Shish Taouq
11.5 GBP
Boneless chicken marinated in garlic, lemon juice and olive oil, grilled

65- Al-Shami Kebab
11.5 GBP
Ground meat with herbs and spices, grilled and topped with garlic and sesame oil

61- Shawarma Dajaj
12.5 GBP
Flakes of lamb marinated in vinegar and spices ,grilled on an upright spit

Side Orders

71- French Fries (Ve)

72- Rice (Ve)

73- Bulgur (Cracked Wheat) (Ve)

74- Lebanese Bread (Ve)
0.5 GBP

Soft Drinks

Apple Juice
1.5 GBP

Coca Cola
1.5 GBP

Diet Coke
1.5 GBP

7 Up
1.5 GBP

Tonic Water
1.5 GBP

Soda Water
1.5 GBP

Mineral Water

Evian (1.5L)
2.25 GBP

Perrier (330ml)
1.5 GBP

Perrier (0.75L)
2.25 GBP

Evian (500ml)
1.5 GBP

Lebanese Wines - Rose Wines

Musar Jeune, Chateau Musar
24 GBP

Lebanese Wines - Red Wines

Massaya le Colombier 2013
29.5 GBP

Wardy, Terroirs Rouge, Bekaa
24 GBP

Musar Jeune, Chateau Musar
24 GBP


Touma Arak (Bottle 14cl)
18.95 GBP

Touma Arak (Bottle 27cl)
26.95 GBP

Beers (By Bottle)

Almaza (Lebanese Beer-339ml)
3.5 GBP

3.5 GBP

Family Platters

2-3 Persons
45 GBP
Mixed mezze,salad,shish taouq,kafta kebab ,Lahm Mashwi,chicken Wings,Lebanese bread,rice and bulgur share.

4-5 Persons
65 GBP
Mixed mezze,salad,shish taouq,kafta kebab ,Lahm Mashwi,chicken Wings, Lamb,Cutlets,Lebanese bread,rice and bulgur share

Champange & Sparkling Wines

Prosecco Borgo San Leo,Brut NV
22 GBP